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Achievement of Library Excellence Award

Updated: May 3, 2021

We are excited to announce that we received the 2020 Achievement of Excellence Award from the Texas Municipal Library Director's Association!!

Each year, Texas Municipal Library Director’s Association (TMLDA) confers awards for outstanding contributions to public libraries. Beginning in 1966 to promote the public library profession, to improve the methods of providing library service, and to maintain high standards of professional ethics, TMLDA remains an affiliate of the Texas Municipal League.

The Achievement of Library Excellence Award is open to Texas Public Library Directors and the library they represent. To successfully receive the Achievement of Library Excellence Award, the applicant must provide documentation of excellence in ten categories:

1. Services to underserved populations either through outreach, special programs, collaborations with other libraries or organizations, special classes, special collections, etc.

2. Enhanced service to the public during the past year either through increase in service or a change in type of services

3. Innovative and effective current marketing materials highlighting basic services and publicity about specific programs the library offers

4. Cultural, topical, and educational programming for adults and families

5. Literacy support for all ages

6. Summer reading program

7. Collaborative efforts with community organizations

8. Workforce development support

9. Digital inclusion support by providing public internet access, digital literacy training, and offering library services online

10. Professional staff training to include training opportunities for staff at all levels

TMLDA recognizes that two of the many strengths of Texas libraries are individuality and the ability to meet the specific needs of the communities served. Each award winning library has chosen to emphasize its own programs and services that best assists its patrons in fulfilling their dreams. While no two public libraries are alike, they strive for excellence with innovation, tenacity, and true benefit.

According to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 568 public libraries exist in Texas. Of those library, only 56 received this award in 2020.

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