Talented LV Teen

April 21, 2017

In honor of poetry month, this was submitted by a talented teen of Leon Valley. 

"An Ode to depression." by Martin Falcon Cruz

The sounds of my footsteps lightly echo,
A creeping force slithers up my torso
Pleasure is followed by pain.
Faith is dying,
Passion is dead,
Night becomes day, but the sky is RED.
Relapse after relapse, progress is a dream
But in this state, could anything be what it may seem?
The darkness in the corner draws me in,
As I ask, is it worth it to sin?
If bad could make good, then all would be well.
But is my soul really mine to sell?
Is pleasure worth it, as cheap as it may be?
The answer must be no, you see.
Life is a drop in the ocean, a wisp in the wind,
Pain is relative, but life is a gift.
No matter the conditions, a spirit should lift.
The darkness perched on my shoulder is my cross to carry.
Though pain may beat upon my neck, I should not grow wary.
So go out my friends, comfort is a gift, one that may also be given.
Silence should ring louder than screams, in this world that we live in.
So leave, trust that my words are true,
You will be surprised, just how much some have been through.


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