Heart Beat by Matthew Cooley

Matthew Cooley is a local teen that has been very involved in the library his entire life.  At the age of 12 he was leading Rubberband Bracelet Workshops with record attendance, his family helping him with his popular classes.  Matthew has a photography blog, Not Quite Sepia Toned www.notquitesepiatoned.blogspot.com where he showcases his amateur photography.  Matthew acts, plays various instruments and in general is quite talented!  His latest emerging talent is poetry. 

One day last month, Matthew handed me a piece of paper on his way out of the library and asked if I could please read it and then text him my thoughts.   I went into my office not knowing what to expect to be on the paper and read what you are about to read.  My first thought was “someone broke his heart” followed quickly by “this kid’s talent never stops”.  I truly wanted to share this with you, with the approval of his parents. 


I present to you, Heart Beat, in the form that Matthew gave it to me, because to alter it or try to retype it would lose part of the beauty.




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