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It's National Garfield Day! (Thank Goodness It's Not Monday)

Garfield is turning 46 years old today! On June 19, 1978, cartoonist Jim Davis brought Garfield to life via his famous comic strip. Garfield, a fictitious cartoon orange tabby cat, has been bringing laughs to readers and viewers for over four decades.

A lover of lasagna, this opinionated feline despises Mondays. I am sure we can all relate to Garfield in one way or another. Furthermore, Garfield encourages his audience to engage in self-care. Between his penchant for cozy naps and carb-heavy foods such as lasagna, this sassy feline reminds us to enjoy the little comforts in life.

So, on Garfield Day, let's think about all the smiles he's given us and the lessons he's imparted about living life to the fullest. Here's to Garfield—a veritable orange wizard of good humor, wisdom, and contentment.

At the Leon Valley Public Library, there are some media you can check out in honor of Garfield during his special day:

Garfield's owner, Jon, takes in sweet, but dimwitted pooch Odie, turning Garfield's perfect world upside-down. Now Garfield wants only one thing: Odie out of his home and his life! But when the hapless pup disappears and is kidnapped by a nasty dog trainer, Garfield, feeling responsible, tears himself away from the TV and springs into action. Rating: PG (parental guidance suggested)

Garfield's back in this brand new full-color compilation comic strip book—truly a must-have for fans!

Garfield was born to be wired! Coffee—and lots of it—is the only way to kick-start his day. Got chocolate? He'll binge on that, too. Garfield lovers will get a jolt of joy from this new collection of comics guaranteed to boost your spirits!

When Jon decides that both Garfield and himself are too soft, he takes Garfield to the gym with him. However, Garfield has his own ideas about exercise.

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