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About Us

Learn. Create. Imagine. Community.

The Leon Valley Public Library serves as a lifelong learning center, community meeting place, local history and genealogy source, and public computer and WIFI access point. We provide programs for children, teens, and adults as well as programs that provide education, cultural awareness, and entertainment to the community.


The History of LVPL

The Leon Valley Public Library began at the hands of local volunteers in 1976. Deciding that the community needed a local library, volunteers organized a drive for books, raised funds, and gained support from the City of Leon Valley. A local business, Ray Ellison Industries, provided a 900-square-foot building for lease at $1.00 per month to use as the library building. The library opened in May of 1977 as a partnership between the City and volunteers. The volunteers officially formed the Friends of the Library organization. The City hired Joyce M. Trent as the first Library Director in November 1981, but volunteers maintained a prominent role in the running of the library. 

To meet the demands of library services as the City grew, a larger, more permanent facility became necessary. Mayor Irene Baldridge and a fundraising committee raised $100,000, while the Friends of the Library raised $60,000 for flooring, shelving, and furniture. In May of 1992, the library opened in a new 4,000-square-foot building. The library expanded another 1,500 –square feet in 2001 and another 4,000 –square feet in 2014, with most of the funds raised by the Friends of the Leon Valley Public Library. 

Today, the library is about 10,000 square feet and has seven staff members: a full-time library director, a full-time assistant library director, two full-time staff members, and three part-time staff members. The Friends of the Leon Valley Public Library continue to raise funds for the library.

Meet the Library Staff

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