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Newly Released Children's Picture Books

It's that time of year again! New children's picture books (in the "easy" book section of the library) have been published and added to our collection.

Below are some of our favorite newly released titles that we've chosen to highlight:

An inspirational and empowering book about what mothers, especially Black mothers, want their daughters to know.

This inspiring book gives girls permission to let their lights shine. They want all girls to know that there are no limits on what they can achieve.

One by one, common misconceptions are flipped and replaced by empowering statements such as "your hair is like a magnificent crown" or "you are like the moon among stars," or "you shine the brightest." They suggest that if people doubt you or try to discourage your ambitions, you should disregard them and pursue your dreams to the fullest. Page after page offers examples of how girls can respond to discouraging situations and triumph.

Powerful and striking images filled with vibrant colors add to the impact and truth of this encouraging text. Words and pictures encourage and inspire all girls everywhere, but particularly Black girls. For Our Daughters is a testament to love who you are, exactly as you are.

From the author of Friends comes a tender picture book about a boy who gets a new perspective on his grandparents after uncovering an attic of treasures and a suitcase of mysterious photos while staying with them for the summer.

When a boy goes to visit his grandparents in the summer, it isn’t long before he gets bored. Every day is the same, and there’s nothing to do except reading and gardening like his grandparents, which the boy thinks is dull and not fun at all. Then he goes exploring and finds a suitcase in the attic filled with incredible things, including pictures that show a young couple exploring the world, having fun adventures, and dancing and singing. Who could they be?

Show young readers that whether they live in the country, city, or suburbs, their backyard is a world full of wonder ready to be explored! This imaginative picture book is sure to delight fans of Lucy Ruth Cummins and Gabi Snyder.

As children play together, a sandbox becomes a desert, sidewalk chalk drawings become an art gallery, and everything that can be dreamed up is within reach. From forests to hike and mountains to climb, oceans to sail and castles to build, creative little ones don’t have to look any farther than their own backyard for wonderful things to be discovered!

Maren the whale shark loves her life as the biggest, brightest fish in the sea. She spends her days exploring the water around her and finding fresh new snacks as she travels. But one day, the ocean goes dark and Maren's adventures come to a halt. With only the glow from the scales on her back and her best friend, Remy the remora, by her side, Maren sets out on her greatest quest yetto cross the ocean and ask the Aztec goddess Huixtocihuatl about the darkness and to figure out how to bring back the light. Along the way, she meets new friends and exemplifies the power of sharing!

Melissa Cristina Marquez, Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree, globally renowned shark scientist, and author of Mother of Sharks, is back to introduce a variety of fish and other fun sea creatures in this picture book celebrating community, friendship, and supporting others in times of need. Brought to life by Rocio Arreola Mendoza's stellar illustrations, this ocean adventure is sure to educate and excite young readers about the sea while passing along positive lessons to be used on land.

A young girl pays tribute to the memory of her grandfather during a West African masquerade festival in this moving, lushly illustrated picture book.


The talking drums thump a sweet beat...

The masquerade has begun.

As villagers gather to hear masked musicians beating drums, savor fried plantains, and watch the joyful dancers, a young girl joins the celebration with her family. But this year, everything feels different; it's the first masquerade without Grandpa.

Each member of the family carries something that honors Grandpahis clanking beads, soft velvet hat, and carved walking stick. But the young girl doesn't have any of Grandpa's items. Instead, she brings with her a special memory shared only between the two of them. Will she be able to share it with the world?

Theater pioneer Will Power inspires families to connect through healthy eating choices, vegan soul food, and community in this heartwarming story of a boy's love for his grandmotherand good food! Includes a vegan recipe!

Can healthy food be delicious food, too? A young boy helps us discover that yes, it can! Nana's New Soul Food follows this energetic boy on an adventure with his mom to find healthy food in his neighborhood. Motivated by his love for his nana, who has to change the way she eats because of her health, the boy rediscovers his neighborhood while finding tasty vegan soul food.

Award-winning playwright, pioneer of hip-hop theater, and performer Will Power injects masterful rhythm into this uplifting story of family and community, which teaches us that healthy food can be a joy. The pages are graced with beautiful, vibrant illustrations from Coretta Scott King Award Honor and Caldecott Honor illustrator R. Gregory Christie, who captures the loving relationships within a family as they connect through their mission to make better eating choices. Back matter includes a fun recipe for Mango-Coconut-Lime Ice Pops, courtesy of Chef Bryant Terry, along with a letter from Will Power.

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